About RFP

With over 20 years experience and more than 2,500 projects sold, we offer the most professional & reliable service in the industry.  We have been “flooring” our customers since 1995.

Rubber Flooring Plus is your Commercial, Industrial, Fitness & Specialty flooring expert.

Started in 1995, Rubber Flooring Plus (formerly know as Premier Specialty Flooring) began with just a few recycled plastic products.  Modular flooring was our niche back then and we set out to give customers what we felt they wanted, a quality product at a fair price. Great service didn’t hurt either.

As the years went by, our customers wanted more from us… more selection.  So we went out and developed a rubber flooring line that has taken our business to new heights.  All the time never losing sight of what brought us to this point, quality customer service.

We are still to this day looking for new opportunities, so if you don’t see what you are looking for in our product lines, ask us about it.  Who knows, your request might make it to this website one day.

“Take a look at our list of satisfied end users, you know we must be doing something right:

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