Carpet TILES

Fitness, Entrance Ways, Offices & High Traffic applications

Introducing a Carpet Tile that does not utilize traditional carpet fibers, a Carpet Tile that holds up to the rigors of both fitness center use and entrance ways, allowing you the design flexibility that comes with carpet. That’s just what we’ve done in producing Carpet Tile Sport, utilizing a 100% polypropylene fiber that’s warranted for seven full years.

Carpet TILE Sport Colors


  • Cardio Rooms
  • Retail Sales Floor
  • Entranceways
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Pro Shops
  • Ramps
  • Play Areas
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Spin rooms                    
  • Locker rooms           
  • Offices and hallways    
  • Reception area


Non-woven diagonal
ribbed carpet tile
Pile Fiber    
100% solution dyed polypropylene
Face Weight     
36 ounces per
square yard
Total Tile weight    
132 ounces per
square yard
Total Tile Height    
Tile Size    
19.69” X 19.69” 
(20 tiles per box)
Wear Warranty    
7 years
Electrostatic Propensity   Permanently

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