Free Weight Areas, Fitness Facilites, CrossFit Training, Equine & Ice Arenas

Protect both your floors and your equipment to the max with our BullyMATTS.  Whether you’re a gym owner or a factory foreman, you will quickly see that BullyMATTS cannot be pushed around.  They come rugged and ready to work and because of their weight, require no adhesive for installation.  Several sizes to choose from.  Waterjet trimming available for the ultimate fit. BullyMATTS are the perfect partner for your facility.


  • Weight rooms
  • Horse stalls / trailers
  • Fitness areas
  • Baseball dugouts
  • Cross Fit Training
  • Ice arenas
  • Portable protection
  • Industrial flooring


4′ x 6′  &  4′ x 8′
3/8”,  ½” & ¾” thick

Weight per 4′ x 6′ mat
3/8”     50 lbs. each
½”        75 lbs. each
¾”      100 lbs. each

Appearance: Diamond and smooth surfaces  
Material: Recycled rubber compounds, heavy duty construction, non-absorbent, clean and fresh mitigating agent used to significantly reduce aroma, No curling

Due to recycled content there will be differences, actual color or shade may vary from displays. BullyMatts contain recycled product and may show some surface imperfections.

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